Girls Night: Naughty Peach Slushies from Sneh Roy

Published On April 29, 2013 | By The Editors | Cocktails, Girls Night

I adore milkshakes and smoothies. I am a regular dairy fiend. I am not a cocktail person, but on the rare occasion that I have a cocktail, I prefer the milky ones (read Irish Cream Liqueur!) or a slushed up thick tropical fruit treat.

With summer still lingering on in Australia, we have an almost never-ending supply of peaches, mangos and watermelons. One of my favorite summer treats to make is a slushy. I love freezing chunks of fruit and then blitzing it in the blender with ice cubes and sugar syrup to produce an icy delight that lingers and lasts like our endless summers. One hot afternoon on the weekend after a series of cannonball dives in the pool, I was feeling especially reckless and decided to make a naughty slushy that the kids would not be allowed to touch. Drawing from tropical flavors and pairing ingredients that are more compatible than a deeply-in-love married couple, my naughty slushy turned out to be quite a tease. With its first impact of delicate salt flakes, to a mouthful of sweet and sour chilled textural explosion, this recipe was quite a hit that afternoon. I made it with peach, but you could go crazy with mango, pineapple and even watermelon.

The star of this slushy is Curaçao, my favorite liqueur. Curaçao is flavored with the peel of the laraha citrus fruit grown on the island of Curaçao in the Carribean. After a transplant of the sweet Valencia orange by Spanish explorers resulted in a smaller, poor quality bitter citrus fruit, the fruit was developed over time to produce this superior quality liqueur. Hooray to happy accidents, I say!

Sneh Roy is the blogger/photographer behind Cook Republic.    She resides in Sydney, Australia.

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6 Responses to Girls Night: Naughty Peach Slushies from Sneh Roy

  1. Running out to get the ingredients for these NOW! My best girl-friend is on plane as I type from LA and we’ll be starting the night off right with naughty peach slushies. Hell-to-the-yes!

  2. Denise says:

    Oh gosh Sneh, these look sinful. I love using peaches in cocktails. Cannot wait until they arrive in our market.

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