Girls Night: Lime Rickey from Heidi of Foodie Crush

Published On June 19, 2013 | By The Editors | Cocktails, Vodka

Back in the day, my junior and senior high school days to be exact, I was a lifeguard at the local Country Club. Before my days as a CC employee, I’d spent plenty of summers running around the side of the same pool, practicing my swan dives and playing games of chicken thanks to my grandparent’s membership.

But now that I think back on it, I was an employee spending her summers yelling at rug rats, “Don’t run!” while I wished for my friends to show up and give me some relief from the whining children and leering male members who casually stalked the pool during the 90-degree plus days.

I loved being a lifeguard. Soaking up the sun or playing with the kids in the pool, coaxing them to make that very first jump off the diving board while their parents immersed themselves in the social scene without a care of what their youngins were up to. Even the time I spent skimming the pool put me in some kind of zen state.

While I garnered a killer tan every year, and made plenty of friends since they had a free entrance to a great place to cool off, one of my favorite memories of working at the pool was the snack bar, complete with the greasiest burgers I would rarely eat (but would send me straight to beefy heaven when I did) and the most refreshing Lime Rickeys I’ve ever sipped – the perfect topper to a hot day at the pool.

Thus my divine inspiration for this cocktail was born. Even if it did take me 20 years longer to recreate the classic Lime Rickey, at least this time it’s with an adult touch.

Heidi Larson is the blogger/photographer behind Foodie Crush.


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4 Responses to Girls Night: Lime Rickey from Heidi of Foodie Crush

  1. This sounds so lovely!! Such an awesome recipe!

  2. Greg Henry Greg Henry says:

    I too spent sometime fascinated with the Lime Rickeys the adults drank at the Country Club. There was no kiddie version so it took quite few years for me to experience a proper Rickey. GREG

  3. It’s hump day, seems like the perfect reason to break out the limes and get my Rickey on. Thanks for having me!

  4. marla says:

    Such a gorgeous cocktail Heidi! Can we all come over for a few?

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