Girls Night: Blackberry + Sage Refresher from Jenny and Teri

Published On March 28, 2013 | By The Editors | Cocktails, Girls Night

Hi guys! When the awesome fellows of The Boys Club asked us to share a cocktail, we got really excited! We both love a good cocktail, and in the same way that farm-to-table cooking/dining has been making its mark throughout the restaurant industry, “scratch” cocktails seem to be making their rounds as well. It’s so exciting to walk into restaurants and see the crazy long lists of fun beverage concoctions that places have to offer. Seeing the different flavor combinations that the bartender/mixologist has created always intrigues us both. If we’re sitting at the bar, it’s always a treat for us to watch these talented folks assemble our libations before our very eyes.

The cocktail we have for you all today is our (very humble) homage to the amazing bartenders/ mixologists who turn mixing drinks into a true art form. We love using freshly muddled fruits and infusing herbs into our drinks, and although we’re more gin and bourbon gals than anything else, we decided to play around with Cachaca, a Brazilian liquor made from fermented sugarcane juice. I (Jenny) experienced Cachaca for the first time in Brazil about eight years ago. I ordered a classic Brazilian cocktail, a Caipirinha, which came served in a giant coconut and was one of the most refreshing drinks I have ever tasted. It was then that I became instantly hooked on Caipirinhas and Cachaca…but I digress!

The St. Germain liqueur (one of our girly confession favorites) adds just that extra hint of sweetness, without creating an overbearingly sweet beverage. So here we present to you our own “scratch” cocktail, the Blackberry and Sage Refresher! Enjoy! xx, Jenny and Teri

Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park are creators of the blog Spoon Fork Bacon + the authors of Tiny Food Party.


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