Your Weekly Internet Cocktail Hour

Published On June 7, 2013 | By Sarah Parker | The Boys Club Guide

It’s that time again, my darling clementines. Gather round with something cold in hand (unless you’re in the Southern hemisphere or a penguin- in which case, congratulations on operating the world wide web with flippers!- then you might want something warm) and let’s take a magical ride around the Internet superhighway. As usual, I’ve spent too much time online so you don’t have to!

Reasons to Drink (in case you do these things by occasion):

Let’s be honest: sometimes you’re just thirsty. Try these to quench your parched little throat:

  • Blueberry Mojito from The Novice Chef: mmmm sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? That goes on the porch drink roster for sure.
  • Citrusy Champagne Sangria from Kiran Tarun: a sparkly twist on a summer favorite. 
  • If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, season three of the show comes to a close this weekend and perhaps you’ll want a cocktail to season with your inevitable tears. Try Fire & Ice from Guys Gab. (Bonus: if someone screws it up you can look at them and say “You know nothing [about cocktails] Jon Snow”.) 
  • Pair with this Game of Thrones drinking game, and try not to die. 

Around the Internet | Booze-related and otherwise

To read: apparently people are smoking alcohol now? I feel like somebody’s grandpa, shaking my head at Them Kids Today. Make a cocktail shaker out of a mason jar, you hipster youths, and get drunk the old fashioned way.

To do: speaking of: Make a DIY Cocktail Shaker From a Mason Jar, you hipster youth.

A do good initiative: take a SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge. Can you eat on $4 a day? Many do.

The weirdest thing I found this week: Chicken Chicken Chicken: Chicken Chicken. Chicken?

And last but not least, your weekly tip on How to be a Man, from a Woman: 5 Things Men Should Start Doing Again. There’s nothing wrong with a little presentation, gentlemen. Aside from impressing the gender of your choice, it will just make you feel good about yourself. (Bonus: your mom will be really proud. Send her a photo. You’ll probably find it on the fridge next time you go home.)

Until next time, my turtledoves. Be lovely to one another, and to yourselves.

Photo Credit: NYPL Digital Gallery 

(PS: The image up there has medieval wine-making happening on your left, and apparently hog-slaughtering happening on your right. That hog looks more like a donkey, but we’ll let that slide because everything was harder back then, just watch the historical documentary Monty Python.)

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