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Published On May 24, 2013 | By Sarah Parker | The Boys Club Guide

And so we meet again! As usual, I’ve spent too much time on the Internet so you don’t have to. Pour yourself a cold one and strap in, dears!  Let’s see what I’ve got for us all this week on the magnificent Internet superhighway we’ve all become marvelously codependent with.

Reasons to Drink (in case you do these things by occasion):

1. Memorial Day is this weekend, and there is no better way to remember the fallen than with hotdogs, beer- or perfectly patriotic Peach Champagne Punch- and friends and family you have various degrees of tolerance for. Just be grateful you’re not a member of the Bluth clan. Speaking of. . .

2. The long awaited season four of Arrested Development premiers this weekend at 12:01am PDT on Netflix, and whether you’re planning to binge watch the whole thing so that you can sleep through your weird neighbor’s BBQ the next day, or savor it over the weeks like a fine boxed wine Buster mistakes for juice, we suggest pairing it with this list of AD-inspired beverages. (Also, remember Lucille’s Lessons: once you open a bottle of vodka you have to finish it because it goes bad. And wine only turns into alcohol if it sits.)

Around the Internet | Booze-related and otherwise

To read: For a Warm Day, a Young Whiskey 

To take: Arrested Development superfan quiz. If your love of AD is extensive, so is this quiz. Pair with Arrested Development drinking game. Try not to die.

To do good: if you’ve got Photoshopping skills, consider helping victims of the Oklahoma tornado restore their photos.

Weirdest thing I found this week, for levity: a new private club in San Francisco, complete with a “20-person hot tub and chandelier of taxidermy seagulls”. As someone who owns a taxidermied longhorn head (his name is Carl), I have to say, this really is a décor choice.

And last but not least, this week’s How to be a Man, from a Woman: don’t do any of the things depicted in the latest Axe campaign. Breaking into a woman’s house is never a meet cute.

Until next time, dears. Drink responsibly, which is to say, often.

Photo Credit: NYPL Digital Gallery

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