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Published On October 4, 2013 | By Sarah Parker | The Boys Club Guide

I swear every week flies by faster than the last, my darlings, but I am always happy to meet you here for a brief respite from the chaos of life. What’s on the menu for this week? Let’s take a look.

Reasons to Drink (in case you do these things by occasion):

I must thank you again for indulging me so beautifully last week when I made a list of all the things that sounded good to me because it was my birthday and I perpetually celebrate birthdays like I am seven years old. But a seven-year-old of legal drinking age. Maybe we should move on.

It’s fall, apparently. We’re just beginning to taste it here in Texas, where temperatures have dipped enticingly into the 80s some mornings, but I won’t bombard you with pumpkin-flavored things. Yet. I think we’ll draw it out. One a week. You’re welcome?

Let’s get into this nice spread I have for you:

1. Is it fall? Does summer linger? You won’t know or care if you have enough Fresh Cherry Margaritas.

2. Does tequila not light your fancy? Then I have something else for you, something bourbon-esque: A Montana Sky.

3. If you want to wander back towards what is somewhat tropical, yet a different take on it, try on a Strawberry Passion Fruit Caipirinha.

4. And I guess I did promise you something pumpkin flavored, so try this on for size you adult kids: Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes. However if you make these with Jim Beam, I will personally haunt you even though I am still alive and not dead. Have some self-respect with your choice of bourbon. (If you work for or unconditionally love Jim Beam, I’m sorry, but. . .no. Just no.)

Want something different? Have a theme request? Leave it for me in the comments, loves.

Around the Internet | Booze-related and otherwise:

To read: Or flip through, I guess: 13 Things Your Bartender Won’t Tell You.

To adorn your walls, above the home bar or otherwise: The mother of all beer posters. Or perhaps even great grandma. Lady’s got clout.

To splurge on: Monsieur, your robotic bartender. If you actually get one of these PLEASE invite me over, after you teach it to make Manhattans.

The weirdest thing I found this week: This man has set a world record by running a marathon backwards, while juggling. As you do.

And finally, your weekly tip on How To Be a Man, From a Woman: Enjoy this beautiful pun.

That’s all for now. Until the next time we meet, having been hurtled through another week of mundane adult adventures. Pour yourself a cold one; you deserve it.

Photo Credit: NYPL Digital Gallery

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