Kiwi & Champagne Pavlova

Published On August 15, 2012 | By Russell van Kraayenburg | Dessert, Food

 Pavlova is quite simple to make. So long as you follow a few key steps in preparing the meringue, yours should come out perfectly. Like the great pasty chef Bo Friberg, whose recipe I have adapted here, I believe the perfect pavlova is crisp on the outside and soft and marshmallowy on the inside. To achieve this, you need to refrigerate the pavlovas for 3 to 4 hours, with the whipped cream spread on top, after they are baked and cooled. You can leave the pavlovas out if you wish, but that will cause the whole pavlova to be crisp.

Meringues: As always, with any meringue based recipe you must work quickly. Once the egg whites are whipped to stiff peaks, you need to shape them and bake them right away otherwise the meringue will deflate. Another key to a successful meringue is adding the sugar only after the egg whites have quadrupled in volume and adding them slowly while whipping the mixture continuously. Adding the sugar too soon, too late, or all at once will cause the meringue to form improperly, or not at all.

Whipping to stiff peaks is also key (soft peaks and the pavlovas will sink, over whipped and they will taste off and look bad). To test for stiff peaks, pull the whisk straight out of the mixture and turn it right side up.  A tall, stiff peak should form and stand on end with out sinking or falling off the whisk (it is ok if the top inch or so falls to one side in a curl). Eggs whipped to stiff peaks will look glossy.  Soft peaks will form a similar looking peak but they will sag and slide down the whisk a little. Also, much more of the peak will flip over to one side. Over whipped egg whites will look broken, clumpy, and not glossy.

While the pavlovas are resting in the fridge, you can prepare the kiwi champagne sauce. This sauce is like creating a compote or jam but with the sauce being strained from the fruit in the end. If you like a chunky, jam-like sauce, you can skip that step.

Only add the sauce and slices of kiwi to the pavlovas just before serving. Store all the parts separately in a refrigerator if needed for a day or two. Keep everything covered when storing, as whipped cream and meringue can absorb flavors and smells easily.

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