Cherry Old Fashioned Mini Pies

Published On August 15, 2012 | By Russell van Kraayenburg | Bourbon, Dessert, Food, Whiskey

The cherry old fashioned mini pies are a delicious combination of sweet cherry, tart and citrusy orange, and the sweet, slightly spicy flavor of bourbon. If you can not find cherries you can use frozen cherries instead – thaw them before mixing into the filling.


While you can use any pie dough recipe of your choice – yes even store bought if you want this recipe to be super easy – I suggest making the recipe below. In the three years I’ve been fanatically baking, I’ve become quite confident in my pie crust recipe. It is adapted from a Bo Friberg recipe and is both wonderfully flaky and deliciously butter. This comes from the use of lard and butter respectively. If you don’t have lard or don’t want to use it you can substitute it with shortening (to create flakiness) or more butter (to create a more buttery, flavorful pie).

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