Bourbon & Chocolate Cupcakes

Published On August 15, 2012 | By Russell van Kraayenburg | Bourbon, Dessert, Food, Whiskey

I bite into the one cupcake left for me. Dark, rich moist chocolate cake surrounds the spicy bourbon filling, both topped with a sweet, marshmallowy italian meringue frosting that melts in your mouth. Three distinct flavors and a cascade of textures come together in perfect harmony. I finish the scrumptious cupcake and am left wanting more – not unlike the night before as I, along with the crowd, chanted for an encore. I sneak back into the studio and take one more cupcake – surely they won’t miss just one -, carefully darting out of the room before anyone notices.


Chocolate chip cupcakes: These cupcakes use finely chopped dark chocolate that will partially melt into the batter and leave small chocolate chips throughout the batter. If you’re not a fan of very dark chocolate you can substitute a sweeter chocolate. If you’re not a fan of chocolate chips in your cupcake you can leave the 4 ounces of chocolate out all together.

Bourbon Pastry Cream: Since this pastry cream uses corn starch in the mixture you don’t have to worry about cooking the eggs if the mixture is heated too hot. Be sure to stir constantly though otherwise the pastry cream could become lumpy. Be sure to cool the pastry cream completely before using. If you’re not a fan of bourbon you can replace it with any liquor of your choice.

Italian Meringue: Italian meringue is a particular type of meringue which incorporates boiled sugar so that it can be used without further cooking. Because the boiled sugar has to be added at a particular temperature, you will need a candy thermometer or a basic understanding of what sugar boiled to the soft ball stage looks like. You will also need a stand mixer as italian meringue requires you to begin whipping the egg whites while the sugar is boiling. It also requires constant whipping at high speed while the mixture cools, which can take up to 20 minutes. You should not substitute another type of meringue for the frosting in this recipe. For more information on italian meringue visit this post.

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  1. Auliya says:

    I have a q. i love cooking and baking. and actually i do look forward to experimenting with flavours. could you give me some suggestions on getting the bourbon flavours from something non alcoholic? thanks in advanced. love ur site !

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