Ouzo Cured Salmon

Published On April 1, 2013 | By Peter Georgakopoulos | Entree, Food

Being of Greek descent, I adore Greece’s national liqueur Ouzo.  Sipping it slowly with a simple meze might be traditional, but today, I’d like to break that tradition and up the ante slightly by “cooking” with it. Ouzo Cured Salmon, or gravlax, is on the menu today, and I’m providing a little twist on how to best enjoy it.

There’s just something intoxicating about the flavour and aroma of licorice that makes my senses seem more alert.  The long strands of licorice sold at the corner shop were always my first choice when choosing lollies or candy.  When my taste buds discovered fennel, I thought I had hit the foodie jackpot! It cools me down in the summer as I enjoy it sliced raw with a little lemon juice, and in winter, I enjoy it roasted.  So once I discovered Ouzo, an anise flavored liqueur, I just knew that it would play a part in my future kitchen endeavours.

When cooking with Ouzo, I look for similar, harmonious flavours. I’m after balance without overdoing any particular ingredient. There’s fennel and dill in this recipe, which pair perfectly, as well as a little lemon zest and juice for fragrance and tang.  Dried chili flakes add a subtle heat, and for a little earthiness, I’ve finished it off with toasted ground allspice. To serve it up, I’ve gone all “New York” and put it in a bagel with some whipped feta cheese.  Different?  Yes!  And absolutely delicious!  The feta is whipped with some cream cheese, a little dill and some lemon juice to make this delightful snack the star of any buffet table.

Peter Georgakopoulos is a contributor at The Boys Club and blogger at Souvlaki for the Soul.

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Peter Georgakopoulos
is our resident Australian, and with a knack for creating delicious meals, we often put him on food duty. Peter is the blogger at Souvlaki For The Soul. Follow Peter on twitter @souvlakiman.

4 Responses to Ouzo Cured Salmon

  1. YUM! I love Pernod and can only imagine the flavours in this fantastic combo! Well done boys… a lunchtime winner!

  2. koszyczek says:

    Hi. Just wanted to clarify the instructions related with the plastic wrap. Do you mean to first line the bowl with the plastic wrap (bottom and sides), then put the salmon with the marinade on the plastic wrap resting at the bottom of the bowl, then wrap the salmon with it – to the top, weigh it down with something and then again wrap the bowl with another piece of plastic wrap from the top?

  3. This is beautiful Peter!!! xx

  4. How fab. Love this type of cured salmon. Great with bagels!

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