Edibles: Irish Coffee Ice Pops

Published On January 24, 2013 | By Peter Georgakopoulos | Dessert, Food

The humble Irish Coffee is getting a little bit of a makeover today.  I’m transforming this simple concoction of strongly brewed coffee, Irish whiskey and lightly whipped cream into an ice block.  This Irish Coffee cocktail is becoming a “poptail”!

Whilst the Northern Hemisphere is currently enjoying chillier weather, here in Sydney, Australia, we are being bathed in a sea of humidity.  It might seem odd, or even strange, that this classic, coffee cocktail recipe can even be tampered with, but when the heat is beating down on you during your summer, you will thank me.  After a little bit of experimentation, I can tell you this strictly adults-only treat will be a real highlight at your next summer barbecue.

This drink may have had its origins in Ireland, but it was at the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco that it fully bloomed into the classic it is today.  Stanton Delaplane is credited as the man who introduced this drink to the United States back in the early 50s.  To perfect the Irish Coffee, one needs to adhere to a few rules.  First, it must be served in a pre-warmed glass.  The hot coffee is poured and mixed with a little sugar, and lightly whipped, whipping cream is added in last by pouring it over a warmed spoon.  The cream needs to float on top, without mixing into the coffee.

My version is slightly easier, but obviously, it takes a little longer.  Just be sure to start these the day before you plan to serve them for best results.  If you plan to celebrate National Irish Coffee Day on January 25th with these, be sure to plan ahead.  The top portion of the ice pop is made with lightly whipped cream mixed with a bit of powdered sugar.  For the coffee portion, I dissolved a bit of brown sugar in hot coffee and added Irish whiskey.  Be wary of adding too much whiskey, as alcohol doesn’t have a high freezing point, so the ice pops will not set.

If you’re in colder climates, you’re welcome to enjoy a traditional Irish Coffee, for now.  But when summer comes your way, or if you’re sweltering now and need a little relief from the heat, bite into one of these beauties for the ultimate cool down.

Peter Georgakopoulos is a contributor at The Boys Club and blogger at Souvlaki for the Soul.

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Peter Georgakopoulos
is our resident Australian, and with a knack for creating delicious meals, we often put him on food duty. Peter is the blogger at Souvlaki For The Soul. Follow Peter on twitter @souvlakiman.

20 Responses to Edibles: Irish Coffee Ice Pops

  1. It takes a LOT to make me want a popsicle in January, but I think you just did it. These look incredible!

  2. Sweetsugarbelle says:

    Gorgeous! I love this flavor combo!

  3. So jealous you are in Australia. Even though it is 5 degrees here in Chicago, I want these, now!

  4. Oh these are going to the top of my TO Do list!!!

  5. Sarah says:

    It is HOT AS HELL in QLD at the moment, and I will be indulging in many a poptail this weekend. thanks for the inspiration, yo!

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  7. These look amazing! It’s a typically cool summer’s day in Melbourne today but I might give these a whirl anyway!

  8. Aoife says:

    Wow, what an amazing idea, perfect for a dinner party. It’s hard to find a decent Irish coffee in Sydney, I’d never considered a frozen version before, how clever!

  9. I find myself addicted to caffeine lately. There was a time, I don’t even drink coffee. Now, all I think of is making treats with coffee and this is seriously genius. Your photography is breath taking too. Cheers, Jo

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  16. goboroot says:

    They look fun to eat! Beautiful photography!!!

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