The Fall Harvester

Published On November 19, 2012 | By Marcello Arena | Cocktails, Liqueur

Scheda articolo italiano 

Autumn brings with it warm colors, magical sensations, fragrant spices and crisp, juicy fruit. The changing weather awakens in me the desire for a roaring fireplace and entire afternoons spent baking apple pies filled with spices and covered in sugar. As the world begins to rest, preparing for a winter slumber, my senses are awoken. Rain falls, framed by the large windows in my kitchen and dim mist blurs my thoughts. And then there are evenings spent with friends.

This cocktail, made with green apple and cinnamon liqueur, teases the palate with sweet and aromatic notes. Then there is the pear, so juicy and sweet. The scent of this cocktail is intoxicating and the colors mirror the hues of this season. Despite its simple preparation, this cocktail is filled with a thousand shades of flavors and sensations.


Marcello Area is a contributor at The Boys Club and blogger at Mela e Cannella.

Scheda articolo italiano


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Marcello Arena
hails all the way from Italy and reminds us just how beautiful a four hour lunch is. Marcello is blogger at Mela e Cannela Follow Marcello on twitter @marcelloarena.

4 Responses to The Fall Harvester

  1. Carolyn says:

    Love the name of this cocktail. ANd the photos are gorgeous!

  2. Alison Lewis says:

    yes please! Sounds heavenly

  3. Love your blog and the photos! Cheers~

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