Spring Break

Published On March 4, 2013 | By Ken Leung | Bourbon, Cocktails, Liqueur, Whiskey

March is a time of renewal. Winter is inching to an end, and the sun is beginning to shine. And even with the crazy weather patterns over the last six months, a break from the cold should be near. This time of year becomes a time of yearning for an old college spring break–the days of heading off to a warm, tropical locale for some fun in the sun. But since that trip no longer seems to appear on my calendar, I decided to create my own spring break.

For a taste of the tropics, this cocktail includes pineapple, but the goal here isn’t to recreate one of those over-sized sugary things with umbrellas. The citrus juices lend a vibrant palette, while the bourbon gives this drink a smooth, sophisticated base. Then, there’s a surprise guest appearance–anise.

The anise flavor from the Pernod mates nicely with the taste of pineapple. Those who take a sip of this drink will not particularly notice the presence of anise, but they will question the other flavor that they can’t quite identify. So whether you end up on a beach under the palm trees, or you’re stuck in the office until the clock strikes five, this cocktail can take you away on a welcomed break from the same old routine.



Ken Leung is a contributor at The Boys Club and blogger at Hungry Rabbit.

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