Cucumber-Pepper Elixir

Published On October 25, 2012 | By Ken Leung | Cocktails, Gin

A Chinese philosopher’s yin and yang, a magnet’s + and -,  and a cook’s salty and sweet, rather than separate forces, are complementary. In relationships, we’re often most attracted to people who are dissimilar to us in fundamental ways.

In Chinese medicine, the path to regaining health leads to restoring an imbalance in the body by treating a condition with either something complimentary to boost what’s lacking–or to tame an excess.

Chinese philosophy is not limited to medicine but can be practiced in daily life. You eat foods that are refreshing to your system in the summer to disperse heat and, in the winter, you consume ingredients that ignite a fire in your belly to warm up. Of course, it’s more complicated than simple 1+1, but everything you consume is an important factor to the equation.

A cocktail can embody both a cooling and warming effect in an effort to achieve the perfect balance. Cucumber cools you off while the subtle heat of black pepper raises it.

With this elixir, the earthy scent of cucumber hits right away. Then, as the taste lingers on your palette, you’ll notice the kick of black pepper slowly emerge at the back of your throat.

You might be unsure of that first encounter, so you take another inquisitive sip and, again, the cucumber soothes your throat and you momentarily dismiss the existence of black pepper. Just as you make that conclusion, the heat returns… this time a bit more commanding. You keep up the steady pace of sips and before you’re certain, the glass is empty.  It’s time to search for the bartender to make another.

 Ken is the boy behind the blog, Hungry Rabbit.

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Ken Leung
has been delivering killer cocktails with us since the very beginning. Ken is blogger atHungry Rabbit. Follow Ken on twitter @hungryrabbitnyc.

12 Responses to Cucumber-Pepper Elixir

  1. Mike Mike says:

    Love this elixir, Ken! Big fan of pepper in some cocktails and cucumber is such a great balance. And love the prose.

  2. I feel a littl cold coming on and I think this would be a good cure!

  3. oh wow, this looks so refreshing…
    and i mean, it ‘s good for my health, right?

  4. Alison Lewis says:

    what a great looking combination! Love this site! So refreshing

  5. This sounds like the perfect balance–sweet, refreshing cucumbers and spicy black peppercorns. Just lovely!

  6. Donn Valent says:

    There’s just something special about homemade cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies, so far as I’m concerned. It’s a great family activity, something even children can help with, and everyone loves eating the results..

    <With kind thoughts :'.^"

  7. madscar says:

    Love it! This is amazing :)

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