Edibles: Grand Marnier Chocolate Soufflés

Published On February 14, 2013 | By Jonathan Melendez | Dessert, Food

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day like a soufflé. This is a decadent, light and airy dessert that is made even better with the addition of copious amounts of chocolate. And because it’s for Valentine’s Day, we’re not settling for just any ol’ chocolate dessert. No, we’re taking it a step further with dark chocolate and Grand Marnier, an orange flavored liqueur. Dust this flavorful dessert with powdered sugar to add an extra special touch.

As we get older, we take Valentine’s Day for granted. We begin to think of it as any other day. We might even make excuses, stating that we don’t need one day in February to show someone how much we love them. While, yes, this is true that we should be showing our loved ones how much we care for them on a daily basis, it is still important to make this day special for them. Ask yourself what makes this day so special. Whether it’s because of the love that people have to give, the ridiculous amount of candy, flowers and cards passed around or our desire to make people happy, this day can be a special day to many. Let’s celebrate it with a sweet treat from the oven to show someone just how much we care for them. Forget about the expensive store-bought gifts, and opt for a homemade treat instead.

For me what makes this day important and special is definitely the chocolate. It’s a day that offers an excuse to eat decadent desserts in large amounts, especially those that are dipped, drenched, topped or smothered in chocolate. This holiday of love becomes even better with the addition of a dessert like these Grand Marnier Chocolate Soufflés.


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is our baker, and boy oh boy are his desserts delicious! Jonathan is the blogger at Candid Appetite.  Follow Jonathan on twitter @candidappetite.

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  1. oh wow… This looks divine!!! You make me wanna eat my screen right now ;) Great recipe!!
    xox Amy

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