The Apple Orchard Martini

Published On October 18, 2012 | By Brian Samuels | Cocktails, Mezcal

It recently struck me, as I took a breath of crisp fall air, that I could never live in a place that didn’t have defined seasons. Now, mind you, my Virgo traits don’t always mesh well with such changes. Emotions soar and then plummet from joy to sorrow.  The negative emotions never last more than a moment, just enough to make me feel nostalgic for warmer, livelier days.

But, as I said, I can’t imagine being somewhere this didn’t occur. For me, the rain and snow and frigid days make the arrival of summer all the more sweeter.  And, at least for now, we have the holidays (and the foods that come with them) to look forward to.

With fall’s arrival, each week we have been graced with copious amounts of apples in our CSA box and I’ve been finding ways to bring them back into my life after a year of ignoring them.

Sometimes I’ll eat them plain or chop them into a salad.  Sometimes I’ll throw them into a pot of sweet potato soup.  Or I’ll juice them and make a cocktail.  Fresh apple juice is not cloyingly sweet when paired with the right ingredients.  Take, for instance, this Apple Orchard Martini that I’ve created.  It’s not one that came easily to me.  A lot of taste testing had to occur (it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it).  After a few iterations, a balance was found.  It starts off sweet, followed by a slow build of heat from the pepper and mezcal.

Now, before you rush off to check out the recipe, I want to leave you with a little info about mezcal: Produced in Mexico, mezcal is a distilled liquor made from the maguey plant, a form of agave.  Thus, mezcal has a very similar flavor profile to tequila, but it can have the peatiness of a scotch.  The process of making mezcal includes cooking it for three days in an underground cauldron, which gives it it’s unique smoky flavor.

Mezcal is perfect for people who have been ardent opposers of tequila.  It’s great on it’s own and stands strong in a cocktail.

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13 Responses to The Apple Orchard Martini

  1. MikeVFMK says:

    My kind of drink! I can’t get enough apples in the fall and have an affinity for fruit in my cocktails, so this is a slam dunk for me. And it will be on a menu in this house. Soon.

  2. katie says:

    This martini sounds amazing. Really screams fall!

  3. So warm and seasonal. I have been looking for more ways to use the giant bushel of apples I have in my kitchen.

  4. Ooh, jalapeno! That’s very unexpected, but I love it.

  5. TidyMom says:

    What a perfect drink to toast Fall!!

  6. I could go for one of these right now. I mean, it’s only 8:30 am, but it has apples in it. So what?

  7. Oh how I love the bite from a jalapeno. The cider, mezcal and vanilla note with the heated zing makes for a seductive concoction. The sun has barely risen at this writing and I reserve libations of this nature for when it sets. I can hardly wait for its descent!

  8. this is the perfect seasonal drink! so beautiful, brian.

  9. Proper seasons is something we lack out here in California, it’s hard to complain about sunny weather but sometimes it’s nice to feel the seasons.

  10. Kayla Clark says:

    Hmmm, nice cocktail for a night party.

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  12. madscar says:

    This is amazing!I love it:)

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