Blood Orange Shandy

Published On January 31, 2013 | By Brian Samuels | Beer, Cocktails

When it comes to the Super Bowl, well, I must admit that I’m not as rah-rah as some of my friends are.  But I’ve always enjoyed Super Bowl parties because it’s a great excuse to get your friends together and eat junk food and drink a lot of beer.  What’s not to love about that?

Now, for all of you folks wondering what the heck a shandy is, let me explain.  A shandy is a drink that’s typically composed of beer and a carbonated citrus beverage of your choice (the most common is a sparkling lemonade).  But seeing that we’re in the midst of blood orange season here in the U.S., I thought it’d be fun to make a different version of the shandy using a blood orange soda.

Serve your shandy creations with a big bowl of buttery popcorn and some nachos, and you’ll have some very happy party attendees.


Brian Samuels is Managing Editor at The Boys Club and blogger at A Thought For Food.

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Brian Samuels
is the man that keeps this club running. He is a co-founder and Editor in Chief of The Boys Club and blogger at A Thought for Food. Brian on twitter @myfoodthoughts.

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