Holiday Spiked Horchata

Published On December 17, 2012 | By Alex | Cocktails, Rum

This Latin American and Spanish delicacy is sure to subdue the chaos of the holiday season with its cinnamon scented notes and rum spiked high. It combines the traditional sweet cinnamon flavor of Horchata with dark rum to offer up the perfect complement to your holiday gathering. An easy sipper, this Horchata will create the holiday buzz you crave, costumed in a creamy cocktail.

This wintertime cocktail offers fond memories for me. On my birthday one year, I found myself toasting with this drink in hand while on vacation in Mexico with a friend. We sat around an old wooden bar while the sound of a Mariachi band tuned in the distance as we drank this smooth, spiced cocktail. It was certainly a new tasty sensation to my lips. My first experience with this drink was one to remember as the night grew late and the Horchata continued to pour. So how could I lead you astray when I ask you to try this Horchata during this season of cool weather, comfortable sweaters and holiday parties. This creamy, milk based drink is a step away from other traditional cocktails, but again, I ask you to take a chance and try it. I know you’ll enjoy it!


Photography by Russell van Kraayenburg.
Alex Young is a contributor at The Boys Club and blogger at Eat Style Dallas.

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4 Responses to Holiday Spiked Horchata

  1. Sarah says:

    Christmas is mexico at a mariachi bar sounds more like it, man. Sometimes the family is just too much! Either way, I’m sure a rum spiked horchata will help my cause. Thanks for the recipe, and great photos.

  2. Jeanette says:

    I’ve heard of horchata but never tried it. Sounds like a nice celebratory drink for the holidays!

  3. Alison Lewis says:

    Looks AMAZING! Love your site

  4. I love horchata – spiking it with rum sounds like it would make it even better. :-)

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